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Handcrafted Chimney Caps Offering Long Term Protection, Durability & Classic Styling

Deitzel Brothers’ handcrafted custom chimney caps provide long term chimney protection with style. The cost of long term maintenance for every chimney is reduced when its topside is protected from the elements of nature such as rain and snow which slowly damage the masonry joints and its overall beauty.

Our heavy duty chimney caps are manufactured using 20 ounce copper or 26 gauge terne coated stainless steel to add to the long term beauty of your home’s exterior. Additionally, our chimney caps eliminate animals and creatures of the wild from entering through the chimney.

•Handcrafted in our Pennsylvania metal shop.
•Constructed using 20 ounce copper or terne coated stainless steel.
•Durable screen mesh barriers keep creatures of the wild from taking up residence.
•Long term protection and durability.
•Classic Styles and Beauty.

Each chimney cap is custom built in our central Pennsylvania metal shop using US metal artisans. The diagrams below indicate the measurements required for Deitzel Brothers to manufacture a custom made chimney cap for your home.

Our chimney caps range from $900 to $1,200 for small to large sizes. Extra large chimney caps are more expensive. Call or E-mail us for an exact quote.

Download our Chimeny Cap Flyer
which has instructions on how to provide us your chimney's measurements for a cap.