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Chimney Maintenance and Restoration

For decades Deitzel Brothers has been providing maintenance services on deteriorated brick chimneys.

View an example of the effects of time and a poor restoration on a Chimney.
View photos of our Chimney and flashing restoration work:
Chimneys (before & after)

Our pointing services include grinding all mortar joints to a minimum of 1/2 inch and applying mortar that meets ASTM specifications for use in restoration projects involving older bricks. We also provide services for restoring brick walls. In the last twenty years, some new home construction skimped on metal flashing around chimneys thereby compromising long-term water tightness. Chimney flashing involves two pieces of metal called: “step flashing” and “counter flashing.

Counter flashing at one time was inserted into a slot ground into brick chimneys. Without it, homeowners detected water spots on ceilings above fireplaces. This spotting sometimes occurs around the seven to eight year time frame as caulk, used in lieu of proper flashing, begins to break down. In some cases, this occurred as early as two to three years after completion of the structure. In many instances, water infiltration has led to significant mold issues in attic areas.

Deitzel Brothers can correct insufficient flashing and eliminate these problems. We also provide a variety of masonary services such as complete restoration of exterior brick walls.

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