Long Lasting
Our experience has shown that historic standing seam tin roof installations from the 19th century are often still intact 100+ years later. We have been involved with restoring and maintaining some metal roofs that are well over 150 years old.

A Little Lesson on a “Tin Roof”
The “tin roof” that many of us have come to appreciate and enjoy as part of our architectural history is actually a misnomer. The metal used to build those roofs was actually called “terne”, a composite of tin and zinc. It was originally developed during the early 1800s in order to eliminate fire issues that were occurring.  Unfortunately, the zinc has not been recognized for its contribution to the longevity of those terne roofs. Today, Follansbee Steel is the only remaining manufacturer in the US that produces terne.

Time to have your Metal Roof Re-coated?
See a a before and after roof coating

New Developments
In recent years, manufacturers have introduced a variety of new compounds that allow deteriorated areas of metal roofs to be repaired in an extremely sound manner. Once applied and cured these compounds allow for the application of improved coatings and paints.

View photos of our Metal Roof work.

A Hopeful Future
Even with the most recent improvements with current metals it is difficult to recreate the appearance of an old standing seam tin roof that has aged through decades of use. Deitzel Brothers has been successful at extending the lives of multiple 100+ year old standing seam roofs through the use of new compounds, coatings and paints.

Deitzel Brothers is committed to maintaining the old “tin” roofs of our region.

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