New Developments for Metal Roofs
In recent years, manufacturers have introduced a variety of new metal roof products with paint warranties of 30+ years. These new materials are much more improved and more durable than the original tin (terne) roofs.  Roofing metals are available in several varieties including galvalume, terne (tin), terne coated stainless steel, and copper. Any one of these premium roof styles will enhance the beauty and value of your property and eliminate your maintenance and re-roofing concerns.

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Special Benefits
Metal roof systems offer other advantages including:
Resistance to damage from high winds up to 120 m.p.h.
Resistance to hail damage. (They usually do not dent due to hail.)
Reduced sound conductivity due to use of solid sheathing.
Energy efficiency with greater insulation in winter and better heat reflectivity in summer (especially with lighter colors).
Extensive variety of styles and colors.

Our Approach
Deitzel Brothers uses a modern double locking standing seam roofing system that we believe will achieve the longevity of historic standing seam roofs. Our crew fabricates the roofing system at the job site using a mechanical roll former to produce metal roof panels. The panels are then mechanically seamed, forming what industry refers to as “a double lock standing seam roof.” This installation procedure achieves the same locking seam that craftsman from days of old achieved using hand tools.

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